We promote film making in Cyprus with a specific focus on cinema made in the northern part of the island. Our aim is to encourage bi-communal filmmaking by producing audiovisual content that promotes shared cultural values.
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Marching for Peace: Thousands demonstrate for a United Federal Cyprus

24th April 2021, Nicosia: the only divided capital city in the world. In the lead up to informal talks in Geneva, thousands of Cypriots demonstrated to show their support for a United Federal Cyprus

Paphos Gate Gathering: United on a Divided Island

21st April 2021, Nicosia: The crossing checkpoints in Cyprus have been closed for over a year. Amidst an upcoming UN summit in Geneva, involving Greece, Turkey and the UK; Cypriots from both parts of the divide met to call for an end to partition. (Made in collaboration with Unite Cyprus Now.)

Singing For Peace: Songs Under The Same Sky

12th April 2021, Nicosia: Kıbrıs Havaları Derneği / Σύνδεσμος Κυπριακού Τραγουδιού / Cyprus Songs Association haven't been able sing their songs for 14 months. Even with barbed wires in between, they sang their songs between Yigitler Bastion and the Paphos Gate.

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